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White Lies Shattered – Episode 7: How St. Pete Destroyed a Black Community to Build a Baseball Stadium

Did you know that the city government of St. Petersburg, Florida destroyed a black community in the 1980s

This episode features interviews with African People’s Socialist Party Department of Agitprop director and former St. Petersburg city council candidate Akile Anai (AKA Eritha Akile Cainion), APSP member Themba Tshibanda and Uhuru Solidarity Movement Chair and former St. Petersburg mayoral candidate Jesse Nevel who help shatter the lie that the city of St. Petersburg is offering economic development to the African community with any of its corporate schemes to redevelop the land at Tropicana Field which was built by destroying the Gas Plant district, the oldest black neighborhood in the city.

Learn about the vibrant history of this once thriving community and the mendacity of a city government and white ruling class that continues to profit from the forced removal of the African population.

This episode explains the goals of the “Reparations Now: Take Back the Dome,” campaign led by the Uhuru Movement which is calling for the return of the 86 acres of land under the Tropicana stadium to be returned to the black community as an act of reparations.”

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