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The People’s War – Episode 41: Celebrate Haitian Independence Day, Vive Ayiti!

January 1, 2021 marked the 217th anniversary of the Haitian revolution against French colonialism. We talk with Elikya Ngoma, Haiti Editor for The Burning Spear newspaper and musical artist.

meanwo2018.jpgElikya’s family is from Haiti, she speaks Kreyòl and maintains a close connection to politics in Haiti. She is also a singer and musician who has just released an album “Freedom in the Mix” featuring freedom songs in various genres and languages.

In this interview we talked with Elikya about:

  • The African Revolution in Haiti, the first successful workers’ revolution
  • Legacy and philosophy of Haitian General Jean Jacques Dessaline
  • Highlights of the Haitian anti-slavery constitution and promise
  • Ongoing French looting of the Haitian treasury
  • Review of the recent Haitian film “Douvan Jou Ka Leve”
  • Revolutionary culture and the process of producing “Freedom in the Mix”

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