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Month: April 2021

White Lies Shattered – Episode 6: The Lie that the American Revolution was about “Liberty”

Host Jamie Simpson welcomes back Penny Hess to obliterate the colonial myth that “The American Revolution was a fight for liberty from tyranny.” Episode 6 removes the mists of idealism from the so-called American Revolution and examines the reality of settler colonialism in North America from the perspective of Indigenous people and the African working […]

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White Lies Shattered – Episode 5: The Lie That It’s Not About Race, It’s About Class

This episode features Penny Hess ripping to shreds the white lie that, “It’s not about race, it’s about class.” Tune to hear the African Internationalist response to this denial of the colonial contradiction as expressed through opportunistic slogans like, “black and white unite and fight,” and the historical distortion that says white people were somehow […]

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