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Month: June 2020

The People’s War – Episode 12: Fighting colonial violence, from Minneapolis to Atlanta

Protests opposing police violence against the black community continue unabated in hundreds of U.S. cities and across the globe, even as coronavirus cases spike in many areas. More killings of African people by police and white vigilantes are exposed almost daily. Calls for defunding the police and promises of reform are discussed in today’s show. […]

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The People’s War – Episode 10: Reports from the Ground: The Pandemic and George Floyd protests in California and Mexico

“The death rate from COVID-19 in Tijuana is 7 times the death rate in neighboring San Diego. These 2 cities are about the same size in population, but San Diego has over 30 hospitals while Tijuana has 3. San Diego has 900 respirators. Tijuana has 10. Tijuana was created as San Diego’s Cuba – for […]

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