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Month: May 2021

White Lies Shattered – Episode 8: The Lie That the White Man Discovered America and Settled the “West”

This episode of the White Lies Shattered series on the Reparations in Action radio show examines the genocide waged against the Indigenous people of North America. From Georgia to California, this bloody legacy was the origin of white America and many of the lies white North Americans tell ourselves to cover up the ugly truth […]

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White Lies Shattered – Episode 7: How St. Pete Destroyed a Black Community to Build a Baseball Stadium

Did you know that the city government of St. Petersburg, Florida destroyed a black community in the 1980s This episode features interviews with African People’s Socialist Party Department of Agitprop director and former St. Petersburg city council candidate Akile Anai (AKA Eritha Akile Cainion), APSP member Themba Tshibanda and Uhuru Solidarity Movement Chair and former […]

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