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Month: December 2020

The People’s War – Episode 37: 50 shots fired, 38 pierced the body of another black man killed by police in St. Petersburg, Florida

On December 2nd, 2020, six Pinellas County Sheriff’s deputies fired over 50 bullets into a car and hit 20-year-old Dominique Harris 38 times, killing him. This police killing of another black man took place in a parking lot of a neighborhood store in south St. Petersburg, Florida in front of dozens of witnesses. It was […]

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The People’s War – Episode 36: Give us the land! Hands off the Bethesda African Cemetery!

The Moses African Cemetery in Bethesda, Maryland, holds the remains of hundreds of African people dating back to at least the 18th century. Today the Bethesda African Cemetery Coalition is fighting developers and Montgomery County to stop the desecration of the sacred site as bulldozers tear the land to build a self-storage compound. We talk […]

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