Business Underwriting

About Underwriting

WBPU seeks businesses and event organizers to support our unique mission of black community empowerment in St. Petersburg and around the world.

Underwriters are acknowledged on-air and on our website, giving important publicity to your business, event or service.

While so many local businesses spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars for commercial radio advertising, your business can be exposed to the non-commercial airwaves of Black Power 96 FM St. Pete, for a far less cost.

96.3 FM reaches 100,000 local residents throughout:

  • Southside St. Petersburg
  • Downtown and Grand Central Districts
  • USF, Eckerd College, St. Pete College
  • Parts of Gulfport

Contact us to get started!

Discuss underwriting packages for your business!

Call 727-914-3614

Once we have discussed a package, you can use the form below to submit your payment.

FCC guidelines for your on-air mention

Black Power 96 is a commercial-free radio station so we must follow Federal Communication Commission (FCC) guidelines for the language used in announcements recognizing underwriters.

Underwriting acknowledgements begin with “Programming on Black Power 96 is supported by: [Up to 25 words about your business, following FCC guidelines].

Black Power 96 reserves the right to edit content to fit the guidelines.

Your announcement must not include

  • calls to action
  • inducements to buy, sell, or lease
  • opinions or views
  • price information
  • promotions
  • comparative or qualitative verbiage
  • or support or opposition to any political candidate

Your announcement may include

  • Description of your type of business
  • its location or address, telephone number and web address
  • brand or trade name of the product or service
  • value-neutral description of the product or service
  • historical information
  • logogram or non-promotional slogan

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