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Update on raising the tower

Black Power 96 Radio wants to send a shout out to all of our donors who gave generously in our February fund drive so that we could raise our broadcast tower to 70 feet and expand our coverage area to more of our St. Petersburg community.

We want to report to you that, while we have the permit from the FCC to raise the tower, we are still working to get the construction project underway.

We are working closely with an experienced engineer and contractor to develop the project in the best way possible and expect to begin the construction process this summer.

We ask you to bear with us through the planning and construction process of this important project.

We are all anxious to bring Black Power 96’s unique sound and message to a wider audience here in St. Pete.

Black Power 96 is preparing for the second of the two fund drives that we do each year, where we will be asking our listeners to contribute again to keep Black Power 96 on the air.

We want to thank you again for your ongoing support of south St. Pete’s independent black community radio station, where we are not just explaining the world, but changing it!