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The People’s War – Episode 23: Black athletes stand against police violence

Last week, the National Basketball Association, the Women’s National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer and the National Hockey League were forced to cancel playoff and other games when athletes refused to play, in protest of the actions of the Kenosha, Wisconsin police, shooting an unarmed black man Jacob Blake, seven times in the back.

The political fall-out from the police violence against the African community even hit the world of tennis when Naomi Osaka pulled out of the Western Southern Open.

thumbnail-4.jpegThis week’s guest is Jason Jones, sportswriter for the Sacramento Bee for 16 years before joining the ranks of the Athletic, a popular sports journal.

Jason talks with host Dr. Matsemela Odom, childhood friend and rival football player, about the relationship of black professional athletes to the team owners and their growing public stance of opposition to police violence in the black community.