You are currently viewing The People’s War – Episode 3: Support our brothers and sisters in prison

The People’s War – Episode 3: Support our brothers and sisters in prison

Reverend Edward Pinkney is featured on this third episode of WBPU FM’s new weekly radio program covering the coronavirus pandemic from the perspective of the African working class worldwide.

Rev. Pinkney is a longtime leader of the Black Autonomy Network Community Organization, working for economic and social justice in Benton Harbor, MI, a 90% African city located between Detroit and Chicago.

Rev. Pinkney has a history of fighting parasitic capitalism in defense of the human and civil rights of the working class people in cities throughout Michigan, taking on the water shutoffs and emergency manager laws that eliminate democracy and turn public assets like water over to the corporations.

He is a strong and active advocate for the release of prisoners serving unjust or inordinately long sentences.

On this show Rev. Pinkney discussed the health emergency facing prisoners across the U.S., drawing on his personal experience and personal connections inside the prison system.

He discusses the impact of the coronavirus on the African populations of Detroit, Flint and throughout the state of Michigan.

He also shares his views on the impact of corporate take-overs and gentrification of long-time African cities like Detroit and calls for the development of African-owned and controlled businesses and neighborhoods.

Hosted by Ticharwa Masimba and Matop Nyungu, the People’s War Radio Show features guests covering all aspects of the current crisis – providing health and medical tips and resources, economic survival information, analysis of the political and international impact, how to prepare for the future and organize for community self-reliance and self-help.

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