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Reparations in Action: The Truth About ”Progressive” Minneapolis: Police Terror, Colonialism, African Resistance

This episode of Reparations in Action features Uhuru Solidarity Movement (USM) Chair Jesse Nevel and USM organizer Leah Fifield eviscerating the lie that Minneapolis, Minnesota is a progressive beacon.

Two years after the murder of George Floyd, the colonial conditions for African people in the Twin Cities are worse than ever. A recent report on policing in Minneapolis demonstrates the stark nature of the two realities experienced in this city and in the entire country: police violence and genocidal oppression for African and Indigenous people on the one hand and prosperity and the experience of “progress” for white people on the other. This episode asks whether progress that rests on a foundation of genocide and ongoing oppression can be considered progress at all.

Nevel and Fifield discuss how the history of the settler colonial genocide of the Indigenous people of Minnesota laid the groundwork for the dire conditions colonized people still face there today and what the Uhuru Solidarity Movement is doing to overturn this legacy and provide white people a way to stand in solidarity with the African Revolution through reparations.

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