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Black Power 96 FM celebrates Local Going Global contest winners: Johnny William Hannah, Christiana and Ezekiel Hargrove

By Mariah C. Bond

In a continued effort to spotlight emerging talent and support African culture and music, Black Power 96 FM proudly announced three more winners of the station’s Local Going Global contest: Johnny William Hannah, Christiana and Ezekiel Hargrove. These three artists, each with their unique musical prowess and compelling messages, exemplify the essence of the contest and the station’s mission to amplify local voices on a global stage.

The Local Going Global contest, a cornerstone initiative of Black Power 96 FM, is designed to uncover and promote hidden gems within the community. On Friday at 5 pm Eastern each week, the station opens its airwaves to budding artists, offering them a platform to share their stories through music. This initiative not only nurtures local talent but also provides artists with the exposure necessary to reach a wider audience. By celebrating diversity and creativity, Black Power 96.3 FM fosters a vibrant cultural tapestry that resonates far beyond the boundaries of St. Petersburg, Florida.

Johnny William Hannah, one of May’s winners, captivates audiences with his soulful melodies and poignant lyrics. His music, deeply rooted in personal experiences and cultural heritage, reflects the struggles and triumphs of the black community. Johnny’s dedication to his craft and his ability to connect with listeners through heartfelt storytelling made him a standout in the contest.

Christiana, a returning winner, always brings a fresh and dynamic energy to the competition. Her unique blend of contemporary beats and traditional influences creates a sound that is both innovative and deeply resonant. Christiana’s music addresses social issues and personal empowerment, echoing the themes of resilience and unity that Black Power 96 FM strives to promote. Her performance in the contest showcased her vocal and artistic vision, securing her a well-deserved spot back amongst the winners.

Ezekiel Hargrove, the third winner, is no stranger to fame. Long ago, he shot to prominence with his stunning cover of Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature.” As a high school student in Florida, Ezekiel captivated audiences with his soulful rendition, showcasing his extraordinary vocal talent and deep emotional connection to the music.

“There is only one Michael Jackson, but he has influenced millions,” and Ezekiel’s tribute stands as a testament to this influence. His return to the spotlight through the Local Going Global contest has reignited excitement around his musical journey, marking a new chapter in his burgeoning career.

The Local Going Global contest is more than just a music competition; it is a testament to Black Power 96 FM’s commitment to fostering talent and supporting African people. By providing a platform for artists like Johnny William Hannah, Christiana, and Ezekiel Hargrove, the station not only enriches its programming but also strengthens the cultural fabric of the community.

As winners, Johnny, Christiana and Ezekiel will receive extensive support from Black Power 96 FM, including airplay, interviews and promotional opportunities. This exposure is crucial for independent artists striving to make their mark in the music industry. The station’s support underscores its dedication to nurturing homegrown talent and ensuring that their voices are heard on a global scale.

Black Power 96 FM’s Local Going Global contest continues to be a beacon of opportunity for aspiring musicians, offering them a stage to shine and a community that embraces their artistry. As Johnny William Hannah, Christiana and Ezekiel Hargrove embark on this exciting journey, they carry with them the hopes and dreams of a community united by music and culture.

Stay tuned to Black Power 96 FM for more updates on the Local Going Global contest and to hear the inspiring music of May’s winners by listening through the website, FM programming, or the station app. Through initiatives like these, the station reaffirms its role as a champion of local talent and a catalyst for cultural celebration and growth.

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