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Black Power 96 doors are temporarily closed

Black Power 96 FM volunteer tests positive for coronavirus; station staff and volunteers quarantined while awaiting test results

At the start of the pandemic, we closed the station to all but a small core of volunteer staff members. They wore masks and maintained social distance while working in the station.

On Thursday, July 9th, we learned that one of our valued volunteers tested positive for COVID-19. We immediately notified all volunteer and staff members who had been in the station. They have since been tested, are awaiting results and have self-quarantined until they are cleared by a negative test result.

So that’s why you might be hearing reruns of your favorite shows and not hearing your favorite live DJs.

We’ll keep you posted on the health and well-being of your Black Power 96 family and we thank you for keeping us in your hearts.

Across the U.S. and the world, African people are being hit by this pandemic harder than any other group

  • We are the so-called essential workers, who usually can’t work from home, and must keep going to work to feed our families.
  • We are the underpaid workers who have to take public transit to work, risking exposing ourselves and our families to the deadly virus.
  • We are the ones who are doubled up in cramped housing where it’s impossible to isolate when one of us gets sick.
  • And we are the ones who often receive little or no healthcare, and are turned away from hospitals because we don’t have insurance or because our lives are not valued by this colonial system.

Black Power 96 is your voice, the voice of our black community, fighting for our rights to self-determination and self-government, so we can provide for ourselves the food, clothing, shelter, education and healthcare that we have provided for others for so long.

We need your support now more than ever

Even as we’ve had to close the station doors to all staff, Black Power 96 was in the middle of our July Supporting Member Drive, where we call on you, our listeners to become part of the Black Power 96 family and make a donation to help us stay on the air.

As of Thursday, July 16th, we have reached 73 percent of our $6,000 goal. That’s just $1,575 left to raise – we can do this!

We need your support now more than ever. Please visit our donate page and give generously.

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