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We got the building permit!

Burning Spear Media Director Themba Tshibanda, volunteer Liu Kwayera and Black Power 96 Station Manager Deysun Troo picked up the building permit on Tuesday.

Great news! Yesterday, Tuesday, August 30, WBPU 96.3 FM – Black Power 96 Radio – picked up our approved building permit from the City of St. Petersburg to build our tower and antenna at the Uhuru House!

This means we can proceed with the next steps in our road map to launching the station:

  • Soundproof the studio
  • Buy the studio equipment
  • Build the tower and mount the antenna

Resources are urgently needed to make it all happen. Donate on this last day of our Black August Fund Drive!

Help us reach our $4,000 goal so we can take those next steps and get this station on the air!


Help us take the next steps to build the station – Donate today!