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The People’s War – Episode 7: Expose corporate rip-off & profiting from COVID-19, make Wall Street pay reparations!

As the COVID-19 virus wreaks havoc on African, Mexican, and Indigenous communities, the U.S. government is bailing out the Wall Street banks with trillions of dollars.

The COVID-19 so-called ‘relief’ stimulus package, signed into law by U.S. president Donald J. Trump, allocated a whopping $425 billion for corporations. That $425 billion is going to the Federal Reserve, whose banks will have the authority to lend it out at a multiple of 10 times, essentially creating money out of thin air. This means the real size of the bailout going to the banks and corporations will be upwards of $4 trillion.

Minutes away from the towering buildings on Wall Street, refrigerated trucks are parked on the side of a Queens hospital to handle the influx of dead bodies; most are African.

This week we talk with Jesse Nevel, Chair of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement, an organization of white people in solidarity with Black Power under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party.

Nevel is a former St. Petersburg, Florida mayoral candidate who ran on a platform of “Unity Through Reparations”. Today he leads a campaign to “Make Wall Street pay reparations”.

In this program Nevel reviews the role of Wall Street banks and insurance companies in the slave trade during the founding of America and exposes their ongoing profiteering from African suffering today.

He details the profit-making of Amazon and others during the coronavirus pandemic through the CARES Act and exploitation of African and other oppressed workers. He discusses an upcoming car protest targeting the offices of J.P. Morgan and the home of it’s CEO Jaime Dimon.

Hosted by Ticharwa Masimba and Matop Nyungu, the weekly People’s War Radio Show features guests covering all aspects of the current crisis – providing health and medical tips and resources, economic survival information, analysis of the political and international impact, how to prepare for the future and organize for community self-reliance and self-help.