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The People’s War – Episode 32: Land, water, police violence and Black Power in the French West Indies

The struggle for Black Power is reaching a critical point in the so-called French West Indies. Massive protests have been growing against the poisoning of the people, land and water of Martinique and Guadeloupe by continuing use of the internationally-banned pesticide, chlordecone, by plantation owners.

Activists are demanding an immediate end to the use of chlordecone and reparations for the severe health impacts on the population and the long-term destruction of the natural resources of the islands. The response of the French government has been violently repressive. We talk with:

Madly Etile, activist, singer, traditional African dancer and a mother, whose son, Keziah, was brutally beaten, tortured and jailed for his participation in peaceful protests demanding justice for the people of the French West Indies.

image0-10.jpegSteve Fola Gadet, assistant professor at the University of the French West Indies, hip hop emcee, writer, and activist. Fola is from Guadeloupe but lives in Martinique. He is the author of Discourse on Neocolonialism, a 2018 revisiting of Aime Cesaire’s magnum opus Discourse on Colonialism.


We also hear directly from Keziah Nussier who is due in court next week for taking a stand against the plantation owners and French authorities.

Keziah’s statements and portions of Madly’s interview are presented in French and translated to English by Fola.

More information on Keziah’s case can be found on Instagram and Facebook.

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