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The People’s War – Episode 31: #EndSARS: Necolonialism vs. a united socialist Africa

Militant protests against police repression and murder of African people have spread across Nigeria, strategic oil supplier to the western world. Widespread reparations raids on stores and government warehouses along with attacks on police precincts and prisons have rocked the country. Lagos – Nigeria’s financial hub whose population is 3 times larger that NYC – has been brought to a standstill, with curfews imposed and schools closed.

We talk with:


Luwezi Kinshasa, Secretary General of the African Socialist International. Born and raised in the Congo, Kinshasa speaks 7 languages. He is currently based in London and works as an educator and organizer in African communities throughout Europe and across the continent of Africa.


Dr. Olufemi Taiwo, assistant professor of philosophy at Georgetown University in Washington DC.  Born in the U.S., his family is from the vicinity of Lagos, Nigeria. He is currently writing a book entitled Reconsidering Reparations, making a new philosophical argument for reparations and exploring links with environmental justice.

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