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The People’s War – Episode 29: Breonna Taylor, Mike Brown and the role of the grand jury in protecting the police

Following the Kentucky grand jury failure to indict any police for the murder of Breonna Taylor in Louisville, we talk with:


Jamahl Kersey, of the Kersey Law firm. For over 10 years, Kersey has defended working class people in a range of issues before the court – from criminal cases to the defense of people facing deportation. Kersey is also a community college professor of legal studies.

thumbnail-8.jpegRobert White, a St. Louis-based educator, Black Power activist and juror in the “Black People’s Grand Jury” that indicted Darren Wilson for the 2014 murder of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

This episode includes excerpts from Megan Thee Stallion’s Saturday Night Live performance denouncing Kentucky Attorney General Cameron for “selling out” the black community, Cameron’s response to the rap artist, Gil Scott Heron’s 1972 “No Knock” song and clips from the 2015 Black People’s Grand Jury.

The People’s War radio show is produced by WBPU FM in St. Petersburg, FL and hosted by Dr. Matsemela Odom and community activist Muambi Tangu.