You are currently viewing The People’s War – Episode 21: Black and Brown Unity – the time is now!

The People’s War – Episode 21: Black and Brown Unity – the time is now!

Black and Latino people make up nearly 80 percent of the people in prison. Black and Latino people earn, on average, 60 percent the median income earned by whites. The COVID-19 rates for Africans, Latinos and Indigenous people in the US are three to four times those of whites.

Black and Brown people live together, work together, go to school together. But those sites have also been places of conflict stoked by the colonial contradictions of poverty, prison, and police brutality.

As the 50th anniversary of the Chicano Moratorium approaches, we discuss the way forward with:

Harry SimonHarry Simon, lifelong educator, media producer and Central Committee member of Union del Barrio, dedicated to “promoting and defending the human rights and class interests of la raza within the current borders of the U.S.

Marco AmaralMarco Amaral, graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, educator for children with special needs in the San Diego South Bay and a member of the South Bay Union School District Board of Trustees.

This episode is hosted by Dr. Matsemela Odom and Muambi Tangu. The weekly People’s War Radio Show features guests covering all aspects of the struggle against colonial violence, from COVID-19 to police occupation.