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The People’s War – Episode 15: Black Community Control of the Police

Guests on this week’s program are both from St. Louis, MO:

  • Jabreia Taylor, law student at the Saint Louis University School of Law and President of Law School’s Street Law Chapter
  • Kalambayi Andenet, President of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement

We discuss:

  • The police occupation of the black community and other colonial conditions facing African people such as COVID-19 pandemic, gentrification and poverty
  • “Black Community of the Police” vs. “Defund the police”
  • Efforts to end “Qualified Immunity” protecting police from liability in brutality suits

This episode is hosted by Dr. Matsemela Odom and Muambi Tangu. The weekly People’s War Radio Show features guests covering all aspects of the struggle against colonial violence, from COVID-19 to police occupation.