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Reparations in Action: Take Back the Dome—Report from the Front Lines

This episode of the Reparations in Action radio show and podcast features the Director of the Department of Agitation and Propaganda for the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP), Akilé Anai; National Director of Organization for the APSP, Chimurenga Selembao and Uhuru Solidarity Movement (USM) Chair Jesse Nevel providing updates on the continuing struggle to win reparations for African people in St. Petersburg, FL by returning all 86 acres of the Tropicana Field baseball stadium.

The city of St. Petersburg destroyed the once vibrant black community known as the Gas Plant District to build the sports arena in the 1980’s.

As the first African mayor of St. Petersburg begins his term, will this mean reparations for the colonized African working class? How can the struggle for reparations help alleviate the desperate rent hike and housing crisis in St. Petersburg and win rent control in the city? What is the role of white people in this struggle?

Don’t miss this report from the front lines of the struggle against gentrification (aka colonial genocide) under the leadership of the African Revolution.

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