One way to support Black Power 96 Radio is to create an online fundraiser and win people you know to donate. It’s easy to set up and fun for your friends and family to see your progress and contribute to you reaching your fundraising goal.

Here are some resources and links to help you get started:

  1. See below for photos you will be able to use for your fundraiser. Choose the one you like best, right-click (on PC) or ctrl-click (on Mac) and then save the image to your computer. You will use it later when setting up your fundraiser.
  2. How to set up your online fundraiser
  3. Tips for a successful Facebook fundraiser

Please let us know once you have set up your fundraiser so we can help spread the word and share if from our page. Either direct message Black Power 96 FM Radio on Facebook or send an email to

If you haven’t already, make sure to Like Black Power 96 FM Radio on Facebook and check our Page for more content you can share, including videos we will be releasing that show why Black Power 96 Radio is a great project to support.