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Local Going Global winning artist SJ

Local Going Global artist spotlight – SJ

In the competitive music industry, where talent is often overshadowed by the noise, we take great pride in shining a spotlight on the extraordinary artist known as SJ. Hailing from the vibrant city of New York, New York, SJ has achieved a remarkable milestone that deserves our heartfelt applause. His soul-stirring track, “Hard To Find,” has clinched the coveted top spot for an impressive four consecutive weeks in Black Power 96 Radio’s “Local Going Global – Top 5 at 5” weekly contest.

SJ, a true son of Brooklyn, brings with him a tapestry of culture and musical heritage deeply ingrained in the rich soil of this legendary city. Beyond the stage, SJ is a devoted father, cherishing the value of family, commitment, and love. Raised amid the rhythm and blues of the New York streets, and studying at Hillsborough Community College – Dale Mabry Campus, he embodies soulful essence, weaving it into the fabric of his art.

A versatile artist, SJ wears many hats with grace and finesse. He’s a gifted singer, a prolific songwriter, and a virtuoso multi-instrumentalist. While his musical prowess knows no bounds and spans diverse genres, the heart of his music beats to the rhythm. SJ’s life is a harmonious blend of family, music, and community engagement. Beyond the accolades and achievements, SJ is a revered figure in the local music scene, collaborating with fellow musicians like Christiana and Gilgamesh on “Hard To Find,” and actively participating in initiatives that seek to preserve and promote the rich musical legacy of African people.

SJ’s triumph is a testament to the enduring power of music and the unwavering support of a community that recognizes and celebrates exceptional talent. His journey, rooted in the heart of New York, serves as an inspiration to all. As we celebrate SJ’s remarkable achievements, we eagerly anticipate unearthing more hidden gems within the music industry. We look forward to the continued growth and evolution of Black Power 96 Radio’s “Local Going Global – Top 5 at 5” contest. It’s a celebration of creativity, resilience, and the profound impact of music on our lives.

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