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GBT Babies – The Next Generation of St. Pete’s Talent and “That’s Why U Mad”

By Ylana

GBT Babies, a local group with music and performance in their blood, visited the Black Power 96.3 studio on Friday, February 1, 2019 and helped DJ Mr. Eddie to raise $400 in the first day of the station’s February Member Fund Drive.

Themba, the Station Manager, said, “The black community is powerful when we come together. Our talent should belong to us and Black Power 96.3 FM Radio is ensuring that our community is heard here in St. Pete and around the world so that artists, like GBT Babies, can make music that serves our people and they don’t feel forced to cater to those who mean our community no good.”

I first got to witness the stage presence of GBT Babies on MLK Day at Black Power 96.3’s Free Da Mic event. The station had played an important role in the campaign to bring MLK Day celebrations back to the southside black community. GBT Babies’ raw talent, exuberance, and overall enjoyment with performing makes you stop and pay attention to the young artists.

GBT Babies formed their group in April of 2018, but they have been connected since birth. Aprincea, 10,  Zy’cariah “Princess Zy”, 8, and Daegeana, 10, are cousins whose parents were local St. Petersburg rap artists. GBT was the name of the group their parents were a part of: Gutta Beezy, now known as Aprincea’s father, Josh (AKA Hot Wheels), and Tank, Zy’cariah’s mom, Quaniesha.

GBT Babies have catchy songs like “Why U Mad?” and “Don’t Step on My Shoes” that have a youthful vibe and you can easily see why they are popular with their age group. Actually, I found myself bobbing my head to to their videos on YouTube.

While speaking with their manager, “Cheese,” you can sense his pride in the young talent. He was also the manager for GBT and booked shows for them in large city venues, such as Atlanta.

Quaniesha (Zy’cariah’s mom), Aprincea’s father, Josh (now known as Hot Wheels), and Hot Wheels’ girlfriend, Black Diamond, write GBT Babies songs. They now have six original singles:

  • “Florida Rockin’”
  • “Don’t Step On My Shoes”
  • “Party”
  • “Why U Mad?”
  • “Lit Right Now”
  • “No More Bullying”

GBT Babies are currently working on a video for their single, “No More Bullying” which can be seen on their YouTube channel, GBT Babies. The song and video is important for them because they recognize the problem with bullying in this country and they know that they have a voice. The members of GBT Babies want to share a positive message with their peers and are willing to be positive role models.

Performing with the group isn’t the only thing that these young talented girls take part in. Princess Zy enjoys dance and cheer; Lil Dae loves to dance as well; and Aprincea enjoys playing basketball. The members of GBT Babies are young black queens who have the world as their platform and we, the audience, should be front row and center to support and encourage them.

Black Power 96 aims to raise $7000 in February to keep the station on the air and growing. You can become a Supporting or Sustaining Member by visiting blackpower96.org/donate today! Support the station that supports our young talent!