Black Power 96.3 LPFM

Free Da Mic MLK DAY Community Music Fest

Come to the Uhuru House, 1245 18th Ave S. in St. Petersburg, FL for LIVE performances on the Black Power 96.3 FM Radio outdoor soundstage.

Gentrification has pushed the St. Petersburg MLK Day Parade out of the black community. Black Power 96 is partnering with local St. Pete businesses, community leaders and organizations to bring it back.

This parade brought in 50% of the revenue for many of these black vendors for the year. The State is enforcing its colonial rule over the people, requiring vendors to have permits in order to set up their shops along the street.

Now black community members are not able or are forced to pay the city to service their own community to survive. Also city officials have tampered with the route & even the program of the parade to divert and freeze out any prayers of economic survival to our black community; the community that got it poppin in the first place.

Tropicana Field, which does not service the black community one bit is now the focus point of the parade.

Now the great masses (tens of thousands) of more than willing to buy from their own people, stylishly stroll through their own African community in celebration of their African patriot (Martin Luther King) who was also cut off by an enforcement of the State’s colonial rule.

Our ability to survive as a community has been attacked. That is why it is so important that we all come together and provide a way forward for our community and with great unity of our respective businesses and organizations.

If you are a performer and want to perform call 727-914-3614

Vendors: food, clothes, jewelry, oils, butters, etc.
(If you are a vendor and want to vend call 727-914-3614)