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Adina Howard on Drive Time June 20th

Tune in to Black Power 96.3 FM on Wednesday, June 20 for Drive Time (5pm-7pm U.S. Eastern Time). The show will interview R&B legend Adina Howard!

About Adina Howard

R&B songstress, Adina Howard is still standing and unstoppable. Her current single “Nasty” from her new album “Resurrection” is a stroke of genius. Responding to the call from her devoted and ever-growing following to recreate her debut hit single “Freak Like Me” Howard rose to the occasion and breathed new life into the classic. Creating yet another musical wonder.

Adina is truly authentic and unapologetically a woman’s woman. She embraces being awake, aware, defiant and unfiltered. The alliance with up-and-coming Producer, Songwriter and Lyricist Tyler “King Gas” Gaston proved to be a divinely aligned partnership. With the younger generations ever growing hunger for past musical ingenious; the legendary songstress’s single “Nasty” is right on time. Adina’s unabashed confidence provides her listeners young and seasoned with yet another anthem that will resonate with their soul and set them free.

The single “Nasty” is one of many on Howard’s latest musical endeavor “Resurrection” that showcases her incomparable talent and demonstrates why she is here to stay.

Her devoted fans will take notice that she has stayed true to her titillating mien and fearless word play with songs like “Love Jonez” and “Come Over”, however, they will be enchanted by the maturity of her music with songs like the inspirational “Blasphemy” that engages her listening audience with the nostalgic cadence of Lift Every Voice/Black American National Anthem woven into the melody of the urban contemporary battle cry, encouraging self-respect and unity in the inner-city communities.

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